Monday, June 6, 2011

Out of the Ashes

To say this week has been a hard one would be an understatement. The fire broke my kitchen window, incinerated my stove, and melted part of my fridge--not to mention blackened nearly all the walls and ceilings, leaving soot on every square inch of the apartment. (On the bright side, I am now an expert at removing soot from every imaginable kind of surface!) Luckily, I made it out fine. Yes, I looked like a Mary Poppins chimney sweep and hacked like an old man with emphysema for a day, but still, it could have been much worse! And I can't tell you all how much every call or skype date or message has meant to me--when I felt like I couldn't handle things, hearing your voices and sweet words made me feel like it really was all going to be all right.

They say that things are reborn out of the ashes. So here are some photos that inspire new starts and fresh beginnings for me.

Renoir's garden

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