Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Frappe la route, Jacques !
(Otherwise Known As: A Weekend in the Country)

This past weekend, I took a roadtrip with some friends to one of their family's homes, in the countryside of central France. The area is known as the Loire Valley, because the Loire river (pictured above!) runs through most of it. Famous for its wine as well as its gigantanornous chateaux, the region is dotted with quant little villages and winding country lanes, gravel paths and gardens....and you can actually breathe there!!!! I love Paris, but the pollution sucks! And this weekend getaway was just the change of pace I needed after the mayhem of the past few, post-fire weeks. So getting in that car on Friday night was like....freedom!!!

Alex's house is in Montlouis, and it has the sort of rustic, antiquey charm you read about in storybooks.

A cupboard masquerading as a window.

When I heard there was a family dog there too, I just about peed in my pants. I've missed my dog soooo much that being around any dog makes me super happy! And Titos seemed like he'd also been craving company, so we were the perfect pair!

And of course, there was a big, beautiful garden! :)

With delicious wild raspberries!

And Titoooos!

Some snapshots I feel captured the weekend quite well:

Bruno in his element.

Certain backseat riders playing tricks on Nathalie.

Trying to drink my beer in between cutting avocados.

Alex asking Titos how he normally gets out of the garden to go on walks.

Me taking way too many pictures of flowers on our walks.

Making delicious salads.

Cheeeeese! (and honey)

Someone looking for an escaped turtle!

Orly ecstatic to be back in adorable Tours.

Some rad shoes worn by townsfolk in medieval garb, milling around the chateau of Amboise on a Sunday.

A pantless bridegroom & his entourage (best not to ask).

And more flowers!

The weekend was really a blast, and we were so sad to leave!!

The three musketeers, mourning our departure as Orly and I are whisked back to Paris on the midnight train.

But to end on a happy note, check out this little guy who was in a bowl at one of the restaurants we ate at:

lots of love,

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