Monday, November 19, 2012

Aunbon's Back in Town!

My friends.  My very dear friends.  So much has happened since I last blogged!!!!!

But the time has come at last for young grasshopper to pick up her pen again.  Or iPad.  Whatever.

What has happened since my last blog post, oh... a year-and-a-half ago??  Well, for starters, remember that boy with the melons in my last blog post?  Mmhmm.  Mmmmmmhmmmmm.  I fell in love with him.  Like, head-over-heels, WHAT-IS-HAPPENING?!?!!, ahhhhhhhh-isn't-the-world-so-magical, whyyyy-is-there-an-ocean-between-us?? in love with him.  And so, here I am, LIVING in Paris with this amazing wonderful boy. :)  This is pretty much what I feel like every time I look into his eyes:

Now, what else has happened, you might ask?  Well....I released my very first EP in August!!!!!!!  Which also partly explains the lack of blog posts.  Hehe... yesss, let's go with that reason.  In all seriousness, I have never worked so hard or been so proud of any project in my life.  Hours and hours spent holed up in my room working on edits (ok, I actually had a preeetttty comfy set-up for that part in my bed :)), random 3am recording sessions to add new instrument parts, and then notes and notes and more notes.  In the end I was literally pulling my hair out (ok, not literally, but it sounds really dramatic and captures the atmosphere quite well) over minuscule decisions regarding things probably no one cares about.  But the end result?  My very own 6-song mini-album that I am soooo ecstatic to have made.  And getting to share it with the world has been an amazing gift.

You can check it out on iTunes here!
Anyway, this is just a little recap of my life since my last post, and of course, in my blogs to come I will go into more detail about my apartment, various projects, and travel adventures.  But no blogpost is complete without a P.O.T.D. (Pastry of the Day).  So today, I'm going with a classic.  Chocolate eclair, baby!!!

Gros bisous!!
xo aunbon

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