Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

As I shouted at midnight, twirling through the lamplit streets back to my house: "I'm twenty-threeee, in Parieeee!" The weekend was full of delectable treats, park picnics, and a few well-justified splurges. The weather was some of the most beautiful I've seen in a while. Merci, Paris !

Lavender ice cream!!!

Sailboats in the Luxembourg Gardens.

My new furry (and slightly blurry) friend. Gahhh, I love him!!!

laaady bug :)

Macaroons on a stick!

And of course, there were multiple Pastries of the Day.

A vanilla eclair and a millefeuille fraise (strawberry napoleon).

And as for the cake-- a gigantic pistachio macaroon with raspberries! :)


  1. cute romper, and i love your red nail color! and what's with the cutest puppy ever?? I want it!!!

  2. Omgggg I am drooling over your pictures! Looks like a splendid birthday :)

  3. It looks like your birthday was phenomenal! And your birthday cake is soooooo cool!!!