Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Picturebook of My Neighborhood

I had intended on actually writing out a full post, but I'm more in the mood for pictures right now! Plus, I keep getting these waves of tiredness around midnight, right when I settle down to update my blog, and always fall asleep before I hit "publish post". So, here are some snapshots of my neighborhood and funny things I've stumbled upon in my wanderings. Enjoy!!!

Oh, and tomorrow I play my first show in Paris! :D


Beautiful Place des Vosges. I love coming here to read.

I couldn't believe it!! They also had a perpendicular street named "Perenelle," after his wife. So sweet!

The view out my window.


As for P.O.T.D. (Pastry of the Day), I believe I missed a day, so here are the last two:

Tarte aux Fruits Frais. This bad boy had a chocolate bottom, and instead of custard, a delicious layer of light buttery filling. Incroyable.

A strawberry eclair. And don't think I've forgotten about the caramel eclair. That story will be in another post. Let's just say they decided to make fewer than they should've this week. Where's my tissue box???

xoxo aunbon

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