Friday, May 20, 2011

Girls' Night Is EVERY Night!

My dear friend Mònica is here from Spain for my birthday weekend, and it's making Paris even MORE fun! We've taken trips down our old favorite streets, cooked extravagant dinners (and by cooked, I mean Mònica cooked while I updated my blog, like I'm doing right now), and stayed up laughing into all hours of the night. I never want her to leave!

The smallest elevator I have EVER seen. Mònica tries to give it some scale.

Amazing bag display in a window.

La belle Notre Dame

Visitors to the bridge have left padlocks inscribed with beautiful messages and memories of Paris all along it.

This city is in full bloom!

A sculpture called "The Royal Kiss"

The last two Pastries of the Day: (Ok, I've actually been having 2 per day, but I felt it might be excessive to feature them all. I've also stopped at pretty much every bakery on every street to peer in their windows in search of my birthday cake! Hehe, pictures to come! :)

Tarte abricot aux pistaches. Apricot tart with a pistachio filling. This changed my life.

Lime tart. Yowza!!!


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  1. tres beautiful! Happy birthday aunbonvoyage!!!