Sunday, May 29, 2011

Montmartre: Les Shops

Last time, I wrote about tranquil streets of Montmartre, but's shopping time! :) This area of Paris is FULL of adorable little boutiques and one-of-a-kind shops, and let me tell you....I had to go to an ATM way more times than I should have!! But, some of it was for presents...? Hehe. Hehe. Anyway, here's a look at some of my fave interiors--Montmartre, Part 2! (the girlie part)

First, there's this awesome French-Brazilian brand that has its own boutique in Montmartre, and I think it's quickly becoming one of my favorite stores...ever! Though a little on the pricey end, its accessories are all handmade and soooo cute! The entire store is just super quirky. And get this--what's the name? Tudo Bom ? No really, the question mark is in there.

Apparently that's how you say "everything good?" in Portuguese. Here's a look at the inside of the store!

They have their necklaces hanging on this cool, tree-like fixture.

Such pretty bracelets...I bought the rainbow one. :)

Little owl keychains!!

More adorable, miscellaneous critters.

Are you in love yet?

The cotton production is all fair trade and eco-friendly too! Pretty awesome.

Across the street there is this smoothie place. They have sandwiches as well, but they were all out of the cheese one when I went. I got a smoothie called the "Camille"...blueberry, raspberry, mint, and apple juice. Yummm!

Really cute interior deco.

And then here are a few random store fronts/displays I really loved:

A recycled materials store.

I mean, who *wouldn't* want to do their dry-cleaning here??

This little girl looks how I felt.

Alright, my friends, Happy Sunday! Word around town is that Pierre Hermé has a killer olive oil/vanilla flavored macaroon out, so I think I gotta go try this thing!!

<3 aunbon

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