Friday, May 6, 2011


Well, my friends, the time has come at last for my crash landing into blogoverse.  (Excellent, one sentence in and I've already used a word that doesn't exist...this is gonna be a GREAT blog!!!)  What's the occasion?  Aunbon (that would be me!) is voyaging back to France, and this time--I'm taking you with me!  I love reading other people's blogs, especially ones with lots of pictures and stories of places I wouldn't necessarily get to explore on my own.  So I thought it would be fun to start a blog and share Paris with you!

Now what, some of you might ask (and by "some" I mean all two), is this blog more specifically going to be about?  Here are some of the things you can expect to find:

-my favorite streets in Paris and what makes them so special
-the lovely and comical oddities of Parisian living (cafés, markets, apartments)
-Live: From the Smelly Metro!
-a look at the inside of my favorite vintage stores  (*and yes, if you are my friend and not some creepo who randomly found my blog, I will buy things for you if they catch your eye!)
-Pastry of the Day
-what happens when you try to trick other parisians into thinking you're parisian

A note about Pastry of the Day.  A kind friend of mine flat-out told me she would stop reading my blog if I put Pastry of the Day at the top of all my posts, so I will do my veryyy best to put it at the bottom.  hehehe....

I mean, how can you resist this fellow??

Anyway, yeah, welcome to the blog!  I'm still here in L.A. writing this, and maybe a couple of other introductory posts, but I'll be blogging from Paris mostly, in about.....10 days' time!!!!!  Bahh, I'd better start practicing my French.

<3 aunbon

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